Our restaurant started his business more than 20 years ago, his name "Mercearia" (portuguese for market) is a tribute to the grocers who populated the waterfront near the "Rio Douro" since the XVI century. The "Ribeira do Porto" always buzzes with the amount of grocer and dealers.

Their management tries to justify the surrounding area, part of OPorto Historical Center and World Heritage from UNESCO. It was recently made a recovery of the building keeping its old construction full of history.

Currently the restaurant is a reference in the City of OPorto, both for its location which provides a landscape on the Douro River, "D. Luís I" bridge and the world renowned wine area of OPorto, as well as for its regional Portuguese cuisine, the service, the charm of its facilities and the entrepreneurial vision of its management.

" The journey to success is not in wanting immediate results,
but in the perseverance of our desire to better serve..."